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Musical culture is most often acquired gradually over a lengthy period of rigorous study and routine practice within a given genre. Many submerge themselves to a single form and may also spend time rationalizing their preference. In most circumstances, the differences in training come along with various methods of activity that become deeply rooted within the artist. Conversely, when boundaries are blurred, and vivid differences in style are interchanged in a skillful way, one may augment his or her internal growth, thusly defying genres to create confluent art that is both innovative and multifaceted.


It is a common misunderstanding, among supporters and critics alike, to think of music categories as a rigid system of unyielding confines. In reality, they are simply a designation to more easily perceive the relationships between artists and their creations. There are many distinct musical genres each with unique characteristics, inevitably exerting a subtle, yet undeniable influence on the other. For example, classical and traditional jazz, equal in artistic weight, may differ widely in rhythm, repetition, interpretation, syncopation, the written page, references, reading, and improvisation. However, when combining elements of notated composition and improvisation, music may be pushed in new directions. Transformation of influences from classical, jazz, and other diverse musical styles stimulate creativity and further the discovery of new musical horizons. This cross-fertilization has propelled music through Symphonic Jazz, Avant Garde, Jazz Rock, Classical Jazz Fusion, and other mediums integrating concepts of harmony, rhythmic momentum, and melodic phrasing beyond conventional boundaries. In many circumstances, the outcome is not easily reducible to a definite genre which, today, is even less significant. Currently, due to advancing technologies, popular streaming platforms curate auto-generated playlists for the user, further emphasizing that listening to music today is structured more around mood, activity, and emotion, and less genre-driven.

Emotionally charged and galvanized into action, with little concern regarding classification of music and the consequent limitations, the collection of original compositions from my self-titled album, "RIK JONNA", celebrate and thrive on various scopes of musical expression. Presented here in a range of styles and moods, I am thankful for your interest in my music, and grateful for the opportunity to share these recordings with you. I sincerely hope they are enjoyed moment by moment.  


In appreciation and with my best wishes,


Guitarist / Composer

No amount of academic skill can replace the essential elements of our imagination.
Custom Guitar by: MIRABELLA, Cristian
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