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"Rik, Bella Grande Música, Bravo, Buona Fortuna! I've listened to the tracks several times…PURE PLEASURE. Your new CD will become a permanent resident on my daily playlist!" Rik Jonna has created an album with gorgeous music aimed at the brain, not the hip!”  - Robert Conti


“The voices and sounds you heard in your mind, definitely cemented your Artistry and Love for music composition... BRAVO!" 

- Joe Donofrio


“This music is amazing!!!  - Rene L


“I’ve listened to the entire album and now, I can't stop listening to the most calming, exciting music I’ve listened to in a long time”

- Frankie G M


“Rik, incredible stuff!”  - Greg B


“If you are looking for something special to listen to, I highly recommend Rik Jonna’s new album. His masterful fusing of jazz and classical music together is a phenomenal accomplishment. This is definitely one collection of songs you will fall in love with.”  - Pete P


“Love your music! You are a remarkable artist.”  - Anya T


“WOW Rik Jonna! It’s not traditional jazz. It’s not smooth jazz. I certainly hear some serious composition and improvisation. It’s simply a beautiful, classy, and jazzy at times, collection of music.”    - Fernando G


“It’s so good! Really great stuff.”  - David L


“I love this album! and the vocal track, “Meladonia”, is a gorgeous song. Praise to Rik Jonna.  - Raquel M


“Amazing”  - Gigi G


“Great Music!!! It’s beautiful!!!” Great Compositions.  - Diane K


“You could write and opera my friend!”  - Wayne M


“Beautiful, Awesome work Rik!”  - Russell D


‘Rik Jonna keeping this music alive during an ever-changing industry nowadays is a breath of fresh air. Rik’s album is something we play frequently as it caters to whatever mood we are in”.  - T.J. R


“Wow…Beautiful Music!”  - Angela I


“Fabulous!”  - Cheri Lynn D

“Rik’s music takes you into another realm of being. It will inspire you to hear with different ears and feel the sounds on a magical level. THANK YOU Rik, for sharing your creativity!!”   - Lamya K


“Love Jazz! Love this album Rik! Sanctuary Walk and Alethea, really…all of them! Congratulations.”  - Mary Ann Y


“Totally Awesome…”  - Gary S J


“An incredibly thoughtful and melodious album. I love the dynamic change between each song. Rik Jonna is an incredibly talented musician”.  - Brooke K


“I love this album and the vocal track, “Meladonia”, is like a sweet cherry on top. Praise to Rik Jonna!”  - Raquel M


“WOW! Absolutely amazing!! Love it!”  - Nanya H


“The album is great! Nice job.”  - Andy Z


“I have had the pleasure of working with Rik Jonna since 2006 and, throughout numerous projects, I am thankful to call him a dear friend. Rik had recently mentioned he was completing an album of original compositions, and excited to share (as any proud parent of a new work), he would send one over when completed. I received his album last week and have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since. The self-titled, album, “RIK JONNA” is a wonderful reflection of the artist himself. From the beginning of our friendship, Rik has expressed himself through his music, but equally art and sculpture. Wonderfully, and just like Rik, his new album is a colorful collage of various styles, moods, and musical expression. I am equally humbled and thankful that Rik used his Mirabella Jazz Moderne Custom and Mirabella Chambered body electric as his musical voices for this project.” Thank you Rik! 



“Love it!”  - Vlad T


“This is such a fantastic album. Rik is supremely talented, and the songs are so magically tight they actually get better the more you listen to them. Awesome music Rik!”  - David A


Rik Jonna's music displays incredible rhythm with an amazing range of creativity. Awesome!! - Frank K

Rik’s music is awesome! If you want to be transcended into another world and forget about yours, you will love this album. Enjoy the journey!

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