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A Special Thanks To:

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Fanni Sarkozy / PIANIST, VOCALIST - for your musical brilliance, heartfelt intensity, soaring eloquence, and gift of melodic expression adding colorful layers of depth to each song, in addition to an intoxicating voice to believe in.


Bernadett Nyari / VIOLINIST – for your superlative artistry and commanding performance delivered with a resonant tone and dazzling virtuosity, creating an irresistible outpouring of gorgeous, fervent sounds.


Zoltan Onczay / CELLIST - for your focused intensity, extraordinary musicianship, and high level of interpretative intelligence, adding wholehearted vibrance and passion to this project.


August Fritsch / PERCUSSIONIST - for your wealth of rhythmic knowledge and innate sensitivity, utilizing your musical diversity, ultimately sprinkling your percussive magic throughout.


Mario Arevalo / VOCALIST (on “MELADONIA”) - for your understanding of dynamics, phrasing and expressive control, whilst simultaneously demonstrating a fine lyrical tone with vocal power and purity.


Kam Falk / RECORDING & MIXING ENGINEER - for your extraordinary recording skills bringing clarity, richness, balance, and enhancement to each song by applying a perfect blend of technical knowledge and creative vision.


Carlos Freitas / MASTERING ENGINEER - for your keen listening skills, intuition, and comprehensive use of technology bringing out the best in the music.


Ron Goldstein / ORCHESTRATOR (on “MELADONIA”) - for your imagination, adding freshness and vitality to my composition making it a potent experience, soaring with a rich and balanced orchestration.

Additional Thanks To:

Donn Wilkerson - for your lifelong friendship and unwavering support; a brilliant, award-winning, Emmy-nominated composer and orchestrator with a long and varied career creating music for film and television. Your consultation, referrals, inspiration, and encouragement are heartfelt and greatly appreciated.


Robert Conti - for generously sharing your brilliant approach to the instrument, in addition to personal conversations about life, music, and your experiences living and performing in your generation. Your dedication to advancing jazz guitar and music education is invaluable. Saluti!


MY BELOVED  MOTHER  - for being my biggest fan, making my life brighter, and always cheering me on. For the friend, the support, the mom you are…let me remind you how thankful I am…I Love You Big Time!...Always and forever.  

The Dedication of this project is lovingly split two ways between:

MY WONDERFUL CHILDREN who truly inspire genuine pride -

Dr. Kyle Richard Jonna and Dr. Camille Grace Jonna.

Custom Guitar: Cristian MIRABELLA
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